Thursday, 5 March 2015

50 Random Things About ME

A close friend of mine recently posted this on her blog and I just loved reading through it! There were a few things there that I didn't know about her either...guess that's what all these topics are for.

I told her that I liked her post and she challenged me to do the same. So here goes, 50 (hopefully) random things about me:

1. When I was younger, I wanted to be a linguist when I grew up.

2. Currently, I speak 3 languages and none are my mother-tongue :P

3. I had classical piano training as a child.

4. I sing -I'm a natural soprano.

5. My first pet was a goldfish.

6. I once thought a chicken that had stayed in our house for weeks on end was my new pet. Until I came home one day and my "pet" chicken was in the fridge.

7. I've been wearing spectacles since I was 7 years old.

8. I had braces for 2 years in high school.

9. I attended 5 different primary schools.

10. I was lead actress in most of my primary school plays.

11. Often soloist for the traditional dances too :)

12. I helped write a play for our high school Christian drama team -and again, was the lead actress ;)
(okay, I'll stop bragging now)

13. Most people do not think I'm Kenyan because of my name.

14. I'm a coconut -black on the outside, white on the inside. You can call me an Oreo too. ;)

15. I have a number of aerobic routines forever etched in my memory -courtesy of attending my mother's aerobic classes with her.

16. I used to tell people that I had this German stud at home with the warmest brown eyes -and people thought he was a person :D

17. I name my water bottles. Well, I used to when I was in high school...not such much now.

18. My favourite bottle was a lilac one. I named her 'Nina'. Nina had a boyfriend -strong, black and handsome 'Sifa'. He was my closest friend's bottle.

(Jeez, this thing is hard!)

19. My first crush was in Standard 1.

20. I had a crush on a guy named Harry, and soon after J.K. Rowling released the first Harry Potter book. Coincidence? I think not!

21. I believe my fingers are beautiful. Even the one that never quite recovered from it's stint as a sausage finger.

22. My first ever anime love was Usui Takumi from Kaicho wa maid-sama.

23. And my first ever J-drama love was Hanazawa Rui from Hana Yori Dango.

24. Last but not least, my first ever K-drama love: Gu Jun-pyo from Boys Over Flowers.

(Rhoda, do you see your influence? ;) )
25. I'd like to travel to all the continents before I die. So far, I've done one (not counting the one I live in)

26. If I was a teen/young adult in the 80's -the disco era- I think I would have been out dancing every night. Explains why I really like John Newman's Tribute album.

27. My longest-lasting friendship is now in its (approximately) 24th year.

28. That friendship has (unfortunately) been mostly long-distance. It didn't start that way though.

29. My family has moved house 8 times -one house has been moved into twice.

30. I absolutely love musicals. If I lived in America, I think I would be on Broadway.

31. My great grandfather was of Borana origin. Explains our unusual looks when our direct lineage is Bantu. O.o

32. I love the British accent. Especially the high class clipped accent, not so much the Cockney one.

33. Which goes to say that I love British movies.

34. Actually, let’s just say I like European movies. I don’t watch as many of them as I would like to though

35. Greece is one of my dream travel destinations. Ah, the food, the culture, the scenic coasts, the chiseled men…

36. I’m fascinated by white people’s eyes. Some of them have such vivid colours that they seem unreal!

37. I have two doctor aunties. Their names have really opened doors for me on hospital visits ;)

38. My dream house is one that’s been designed by my father and his elder brother.

39. I have more pairs of earrings than I do shoes. And bags. Probably clothes too…

40. My first pair of spectacles were …umm, octagonal (I think) and striped in the Kenyan flag colours.

41. My first Labrador encounter was pure magic. They were our neighbour’s dogs at my father’s house-on-the-cliff. When the tide was out, the dogs would cross over into our compound (that was the only way to access it through the beach) and come play with us. And when evening came, before the tide rolled in, they would go back home, all by themselves.

42. I love the ocean. I believe water is in my essence. Figures since I was born in Mombasa.

43. Funny thing though, I was afraid of the water as a child. I only began to conquer my fear at around 8 years of age.

(Haiya, I’m almost done!)

44.  I love the smell of leather straps on watches. Especially when the strap ages….mmm. J

45. I don’t feel complete without a watch.

46. I love stories on mythologies, magic and the supernatural. So all the TV Series, movies and books on those topics fall into my ‘love’ category.

47. Sometimes, my mother, my siblings and I will put on an accent and speak to each other in it for as long as we can before we crack. It helps if we’ve been watching something that had characters speaking in that accent. :D

48. I'm quite taken by certain smells/scents. Sometimes, they can even take me back to the day when I first encountered that particular smell/scent. 

49. My first musical instrument was a small drum I got as a child from some 'Santa Claus' at an event. It was a really smelly drum. I think they didn't clean the leather properly. I didn't play it cause of that smell.

50. I played the drums for the praise and worship team at a church I used to go to. I was surprised to find I was good at it. I really miss playing the drums. 

Aaaaand, I'm done! That was fun! Hope you enjoyed reading through those random things, I know I enjoyed writing them. 


  1. Suprisingly I knew quite a good number of things here... but this love of leather strap za

  2. It makes me happy that I knew a significant number of these, sort of my bragging rights :P it makes me proud! I did NOT know about the Borana bit! You don't say!

    Funny I've been playing with the idea of a '50things I like', sort of poster- I saw it somewhere and it looked super cool....I have fresh inspiration to get to it

    As always its a pleasure :D

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D Yeah, unusual roots...:P
      You have?! That would be an awesome poster!! Make sure I see it when it's done.

      And as always, thank you for dropping by ;)

  3. i really like the one about those dogs coming to play with you it sounds like a scene from a storybook:)
    The one about accents my sis and I do that sometimes but then we use random phrases like'Maoam!'(from one of her favourite Youtube people).
    Let the Oreos unite!
    See,i told you this would be fun:)

  4. #TeamGuysWithBritishAccents!!! :)))